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3D-Printed Bobby the Bob-Omb Cup - 12oz Can Cup

3D-Printed Bobby the Bob-Omb Cup - 12oz Can Cup

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Elevate your beverage experience with a touch of nostalgia and fun with this uniquely designed 3D-printed Bobby the Bob-Omb Cup. Inspired by the beloved Mario series, this 12oz can cup is perfect for gamers, collectors, and fans of all ages.


  • Unique Mario Themed Design: The Bobby the Bob-Omb Cup is designed to capture the charm and playfulness of the classic Mario character, Bob-Omb. Its round shape, expressive eyes, and detailed fuse top make it a standout piece in any collection.

  • High-Quality 3D Printing: Crafted using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, this cup boasts intricate details and a smooth finish.

  • Hand-Painted Craftsmanship: Each cup is meticulously hand-painted. The vibrant colors and detailed painting bring Bobby the Bob-Omb to life, making it a delightful addition to your drinkware.

  • Functional and Fun: With a 12oz capacity, this cup is perfect for your favorite beverages, whether it’s a refreshing soda, a hot coffee, or a chilled beer. The removable lid, designed to resemble a lit fuse, adds a playful twist and makes cleaning easy.

  • Collector’s Item: Beyond its functionality, the Bobby the Bob-Omb Cup is a perfect collector’s item for Mario enthusiasts. It’s a fun way to showcase your love for the game and makes a great conversation starter.


  • Material: High-Quality Resin
  • Dimensions: Height - 6", Length - 7", Width - 5"
  • Capacity: 12oz
  • Color: Black with White, Red, and Gold Accents

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 3D-Printed Bobby the Bob-Omb Cup
  • 1 x Removable Lid with Fuse Design

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash only to preserve the hand-painted details.
  • Avoid using in microwave or dishwasher to prevent damage.
  • Handle with care to maintain the cup’s appearance and functionality.

Ideal for Gifting:

This Bobby the Bob-Omb Cup makes an excellent gift for Mario fans, gamers, and collectors. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, it offers a blend of nostalgia, creativity, and practicality that’s sure to be appreciated.

Add a fun and functional piece of Mario memorabilia to your collection with the 3D-printed Bobby the Bob-Omb Cup. Drink in style and let the adventures of the Mushroom Kingdom brighten your day!

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